Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011

Arrogance & Firepower, redone


2x 3 Trueborn, 3x Blaster, Venom + add. Splintercannon
1x 5 Trueborn, 2x Dark Lance, Raider, Shockprow, Flickerfield

3x 5x Kabalite Warrior, 1x Blaster, Venom + add. Splintercannon
1x 3 Wracks, Venom+add. Splintercannon
1x 7 Wyches, Haywire Grenades, Raider + Shockprow

2x Beastmaster Unit : 2x Razorwing flocks, 4x Kymaera, 2x Beastmaster
1x 5x Scourges, 2x Dark Lance

3x Ravager, Shockprow, Flickerfield

Torunaments & Results are about to come

Dienstag, 1. Februar 2011

Arrogance & Firepower - Second glimpse at Dark Eldar

Hi there,

so, last weekend I played my second tournament with the DE. The first one wasn´t too successful *cough*, I only made one out of three wins but I gained a lot in terms of understanding the army and synergies within. The second went way better with 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss and made me rethink my whole concept.

I used to play a Saim-Hann army and loved how fast they were and how resilient through your Farseers and Holofields and stuff.DE are really fast too, but I doubted that speed alone would make up for the lack of staying power, until I remembered that the common fact of silencing guns in most cases is equal to destroying the tanks they´re mounted on. Despite the fact that our little friends from Commoragh have access to a huge range of str8 weaponry, they aren´t really good at actually popping tanks, but a reliable amount of glances and that 1 is all you need to give your forces time to move up to key positions to win the game. To decrease the amount of time you have to increase the speed of your forces.

That might be nothing new at all for most people, but I was too focused on a foot/hybrid-list with webwayportal to realize that in first place.
So, what I learned :
Raiders still suck.
WWP is still awesome, but I think it is most viable if you send just a few but dangerous units through it, like Scourges or Hellions.
Speed is key for my concept and because I don´t field Raiders(they really suck, you now) I use Venoms. At least 5 of them with various units inside, 3 Venoms with Cabalites + Blaster and Nightshield is a really good combination in my humble opinion.
Deployment and reserves are very important to maximize your advantages through your speed, even if you have one million darklances, you won´t blast your opponent off the table, create traps, shift from one table-edge to another, make them chasing you and leave them with nothing but a sad face.The best strategy is to make your opponent think, everything is going his way, and then crush him.Although that has to be executed flawlessly, for we are the glasshammer, you´ll be victorious if played correctly. I think, that is te Dark Eldar way.

take care

Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

First glimpse at Dark Eldar

Hi there,

yesterday I had my first test game with my upcoming DE army and due to a few games against them I want to put down some initial thoughts.
First thing is, I am sure that the classic lance or raider spam wont work anymore. Lances perform just like the normal missile launchers in most cases, are more expensive in actual and hidden costs and can´t be fielded within units that are durable *and* fast.

Raiders are too expensive.They die through bolterfire and are 1/4 of a Landraider or 2 Rhinos which will perform pay better to their given roles. They are fast, yes, but that´s all about it and unnecessary because the army is really fast even on foot. Plus you put your units into a huge danger going flat out or just waste half of your speed and be "degraded" to a rhino with 1 av less.

Haemunculi are nice but I think they are far from mandatory. Delivering paintokens is great because the advantages you gain go from "pretty nice" to "GEEZUS!", Wychtes evolve from a good unit to a real threat after gaining 2 of them, but a well built army will still work without them.

The army as a whole has to be a well orchestrated minuet of death and destruction where each unit has its parts piano at the beginning, then crescendo into a violent forte wrecking your opponents army. To achieve this spamming won´t work in my opinion, you have to create and exploit synergies within your army in order to achieve the most of it.

By the way, I think DE are masters of MSU.

So far my first thoughts on the new book, and there´s a lot more to come.

take care

Freitag, 31. Dezember 2010

Baltic Brother Challange Part 2

Ok, part 2 of my short report of the BBC...

Game 4 we had to face Team 40kings,ETC Teammembers,tough one.... SailingLord against a horde of Thunderwolfcav and I had to play a leafblower-guard list. Mission was tablequarters, 12" in. I won first turn and set up,my plan was to ignore the mission until I crippeld his army enough to gain one or two quarters, depending on what´s left on the table.
He stole the initiative.
Yay, that moment I felt like my hamster died.
Long story short, turn one he silenced my guns and stunned or destroyed my vehicles.Turn 4 he left nothing but cinders...

SL managed to gain a draw, but we still lost because of me getting blasted off the table.

Game 3
Mission was 5 objectives, 12" in, both players at one table. Awesome. We played against a Blood Angel jumperlist and a mixed guard,again members of the ETC-Team.
I don´t remember any huge events anymore because most of the magic took place within small thinks like positioning within combats and stuff, except from some insane rolling the first 3 turns which granted us a huge advantage. Top of turn 5 we held 5 of 5 objectives, bottom of turn 5 it was 1 to 1 and ended. They made some really good moves right there and due to some good rolls they managed to turn a devastating loss into a good draw.My respect there.

All in all we became 4th out of 19. Not bad but we hoped to reach at least top 3.But next year XD

So,take care and a happy new year

Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

Baltic Brother Challange

Has been quite a time since I wrote my last blog entry, but real life kept me busy, but now I´ll take a break from cleaning up my room and write a bit.

So we went to the Baltic Brother Challange at Rostock, a team tournament where you have to divide into attacker and defender, my brother in arms was TheSailingLord with a Tyranid Sporepod list representing the attacking force and I went with my BA, giving them a chance to proof themselves viable again. I decided to build an aggressive list, planning to put my opponent into a defensiv role and force him to react to my actions.
I went with :


Sanguine Priest

Assaultterminators 3x Lighteningclaws 2x Thunderhammer/Stormshield
Land Raider Redeemer, Multimelter

Librarian Dreadnaught + Wings & Bloodlance

2x 5 Marine Ass.Squad 1x Flamer, 1x Meltagun
RB Las/Plas 1x HK Missile

1x 5 Marine Ass. Squad
RB Twin. Las

1 Attackbike + MM

Baalpredator +twin Ass.Cannon+ heavy Bolter Sponsons + Stormbolter

Predator + Lassponsons

Dreadnaught + twin Autocannons

Yor team is allowed to use 3550 points to make two lists which has to be at least 1725. We decided to use 1775 each. Missions were really different from what we are used to :

First mission was killpoints, the defender sets up first, attacker automatically has the first turn and enters the game deepstriking in two waves, like Demons. 
I faced a Demonplayer, SL had to deal with Orks. Both of them seemed to be rookies and unfamiliar with their armies so we both scored a 20/0 major victory with almost no losses. Nothing really spectacular happend here.
Next game was 5 Objectives, honestly what I expected to be the worst mission for my list because of the simple reason that I just had 3 small troopchoices which will die if you look at them awkwardly. I played against a well-built Vulcan Marinelist whilst my buddy at to engage a classic lash 2/9. Not the best match up for our armies though. At first glance I didn´t know what to do with all these meltas and raiders and stuff, best I could do was to move up my parking lot and try to put pressure against his terminators in the raider while killing off the small stuff to decimate his anti-tank.Worked well. Throught field controlling with my Terminatordeathstar he was forced to spread out, encircle my army and devide his firepower. Through that (and some bad rolls/good saves) he wasn´t able to destroy my Landraider and I managed to pop both of his the next shooting phase and I started pushing forward and assaulting which ended the game pretty much for him. I won with 3 to zero objectives which was a major victory and SL beat the crap out of that 2/9. I thought that anybody who says Nids are crap just don´t understand the codex. 

Next game was against two guys from the Northguard,a gaming club from Hamburg. We already knew them and have played them at several tournaments around here and I was sure that that´s going to be a really though one. Mission was Killpoints again but the long side of the board was divided in 3 areas. The attacker approaches from one side,scoring 1 extra point for every unit within area 2 and 2 extra points for getting them into area 3 (the defenders deploymentzone). My opponent played Orks with a Nob-Deathstar, some Stormboyz, 2 squads of Lootaz and 90 boyz or somewhat. So I planned on playing to minimize how many points he´ll score for there was no hope for me  winning that game and pray that SL scores enough point to bring us victory (the points at the end of every game were added to determine which team won). 
He set up, I set up and he got first turn. He popped two of my RB with his lootas and slowly approached on the table,so I had to do something to stop that horde on the other side of the table. I moved up and shot everything my guns could spit out into the lootaz, making them fail their moralechecks and run away, unfortunaly one group was able to recover a few inches away from the table edge. His battletank came out of reserve and he decided to put him into cover, leaving the terraincheck for the next round. That was a mistake for my last RB was thirsty for revenge and popped it with his lascannon.Boyz died and red tanks rolled up delivering the Emperors fury. I made the mistake to move up my Attackbike to far forward and I realized that the Stormboysquad of 20 was able to assault it. He suggested to just take it away for we´d save some time he otherwise would take for rolling, but I made him roll it, and tadaa, my bike only took a wound and tarpitted the stormboyz for my advancing Terminators (har). Unfortunaly my Reclusiarch failed an invulsave, otherwise Id have won by one, but I won´t complain for my attackbike could stand 20 Boyz and life. It was a draw and i was very satisfied with it. My buddy Saillinglord was able to put the BA´s Terminator/Rocketlauncher-list to the mangle and so we scored our third victory. Im not sure how many points we scored on that one so Ill just leave it.

So, this was the first day of the Baltic Brother Challange and we were really excited and looked forward to the second day eagerly. Ill write about that in a later post because this already is a huge chunk to read. 

So, more to come, take care !

Montag, 15. November 2010

Sick of power armour

Damn Im sick of it. And my Blood Angels kinda know this, I think. Yesterday I went to a small tournament and received a beating I´ve never had before. I experimented with some stuff in order to get away from vehicles for everyone is planning on de-meching your whole army by turn 3 and what shall I say, it didn´t work out too well. Although I did quite well at the last two tournaments, I realized that I need to field something different, especially yesterday. Don´t get me wrong, I still love marines, but Im just fed up with playing them and I think it is time to play something completely different from that...

I like them, got an army, but I think Im just not good enough to win a whole tournament with them, they are fun to field and give your opponent something unexpected to deal with for no one plays them anymore.Anyway, I think no current competetive Necron army could stand an imperial Leafblower or a Razorangels/wolves spam commanded by a skilled player...and by the way, 3+ power armour....

Very classy, I got a Saim Hann army too, but I don´t feel like playing a skimmer-themed army with a council, for I got very few models on the table to work with, just don´t feel like it.

I love the codex, I love the models but a teammate of mine is already playing them and I think, Ill leave them to him, for he does better with them than I would ever, and I think,Ill take the opportunity and start *tadam* with Dark Eldar.

So, why ? First, shiny new codex. Lots of unexplored possibilities and the chance of switiching my perspective of wargaming and creating cheesy tactics and mechanisms within the army.Second, awesome new models, enough said. And last but not least, it is something I´ve never played before and Im curious how they ´d play.

So, enough rambling today, take care

Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010

Quick update

Hi there,

just a quick update befor I proceed with my holy mission of dish-washing. I have my Space Wolves almost done and ready, just one rhino is left to paint. Ill field them on the Halloween tournament Warpack 2010 at Oldesloe,near Hamburg.That´s going to be a tough one, a lot of good players from around here will be there and Im really looking forward to a fun and challanging tournament. My Wolves are nothing spectacular, lots of Greyhunters, some Longfangs and some stuff.My beloved Blood Angels are completely in a repaint-phase because I found my old Marine army ! It rested deep within the basement of my Mum´s house, never meant to be seen again. As you could imagine, I was very happy and proceeded with my project of my Adeptus Mechanicus Marine chapter which I dropped several years ago. "Iron Angels" or " Knights of Mars" or something like that, I have no name for it yet, but I think it´ll be damn cool.

So, praise the great Omnissiah and take care